Spatial Scalability

PostGIS provides spatial objects for the PostgreSQL database, allowing storage and performant queries of information about location and mapping.

Third Party Tools

PostGIS enjoys wide support from various third party open source tools which enable the support of additional data formats, database operations and wrappers.

Web Services

Fully integrated scalable RESTful web services for any type of spatial application backed by a powerful combination of PostgreSQL and PostGIS under its hood.

Performant and Scalable Spatial DBMS

We develop performant and scalable spatial solutions built on top of PostgreSQL and PostGIS which are used in productive systems by our clients in the fields of logistics, broadband infrastructure, outdoor tourism and more

PostGIS Features

PostGIS adds extra spatial data types, functions, operators and indices to a PostgreSQL database.

  • Features • Spatial indexing, functions and 3D object support
  • Geospatial • Processing and analytic functions for both vector and raster data for splicing, dicing, morphing, reclassifying, and collecting/unioning with the power of SQL
  • Routing • Turn PostgreSQL into a routing engine with the pgRouting extension

Third-Party Open Source Tools

The landscape of third-party programs that support storing and retrieving data from PostGIS is vast.

  • Import tools • Support for importing & exporting ESRI shapefile vector data via both commandline and GUI packaged tools and support for more formats via other 3rd-party Open Source tools
  • Textual data • Full support for standard textual formats such as KML, GML, GeoJSON, GeoHash and WKT
  • Render tools • Render raster & vector data from PostGIS in various standard formats as MVT, GeoTIFF, PNG, JPG, NetCDF

Cloud Services & Spatial APIs

We build lean and performant web applications with the ability to scale up to complex spatial applications.

  • REST APIs • Scalable and Restful Web Services built with Flask, PostgREST, Django or FastAPI wrapping PostgreSQL/PostGIS systems
  • Docker • Containerized applications hosted on your existing cloud infrastructure
  • Data-driven • Development of rich API schemas for advanced spatial analysis to support your decision making process


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