OptMyRoute delivers optimal solutions for a wide range of fleet routing problems, with various constraints, e.g. capacity, time windows, mixed vehicle fleet and more.

Performance & Scalability

OptMyRoute can deliver optimal solutions with industry-leading performance. This allows for efficient scenario testing and trialling. 


OptMyRoute is highly customizable. Whether your focus is on pure performance or on accurate results, OptMyRoute can deliver both.

OptMyRoute™ features

OptMyRoute™ can be used in a multitude of problem spaces where a fleet of vehicles needs optimized schedules, such as classic last-mile logistics, waste management or good distribution of any kind.

Routing & Navigation

  • Compliant Routing • Our routing engine(s) can respect detailed road attribution like max height/weight etc.
  • Turn-by-turn Navigation • Our detailed turn-by-turn instructions are suitable for mobile/real-time integration
  • Customizable profiles • Car, all sorts of trucks or bike types, pedestrian and scooter

Performance & Scalability

  • High Performance • Both our underlying routing & the optimization engine have world-class performance
  • Scalable tech stack • For enterprise-grade systems, we made sure our solutions are well scalable


  • Accuracy vs PerformanceOptMyRoute™ can accommodate for both lightning fast or highly accurate optimization results with its flexible routing backend
  • Custom Profiles • Car, various bus/truck types or e-scooter, we do them all!
  • Extensibility • Our dynamic backend can easily be connected to third-party services via HTTP


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