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Welcome to GIS • OPS – a professional mix of open source maintainers.
We are passionate about spatial data and helping interested companies to implement spatial solutions. We have been working with open-source geospatial software for many years which enables us to help you build your custom solution.
Meet the team
A dedicated mix of professionals.
  • Timothy Ellersiek

    Timothy Ellersiek


    Tim loves designing scalable server infrastructures in a spatial context and develops colorful web applications with a special focus on UX with pleasure.

  • Nils Nolde

    Nils Nolde


    Nils never lost touch to his inner Geologist: tools have to be practical! But with style. Toughest fighter against inconsistencies in the hood.

  • Julian Psotta

    Julian Psotta


    Julian reads code bases like books. He loves to develop local as well as cloud solutions in any size. His motto: if there is a problem, the solution is just around the corner!

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