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Let us help you pick the best FOSS framework that suits your requirements: from consulting, customization to hosting and maintenance.

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You need custom QGIS workflows? Let us help you to own your GIS experience with custom functionality complementing QGIS existing rich ecosystem.

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We design spatial databases and applications on top ensuring scalability and maintainability with cutting edge technologies.



Spatial Open Source frameworks are maintained by a plethora of highly educated engineers, scientists and collaborators.


Use the wisdom of the crowd and become part of the unique open-source journey by requesting, discussing and collaborating.


Prevent tedious lock-in's making you highly dependent on a vendor for specific services in your product spectrum.


Open source software can greatly reduce your software expenses, part of which you can use to support an open source project.


And learn the latest from the world of GIS

User Stories


Windpark Network Optimisation

Nordex SE is a European company that designs, sells and manufactures wind turbine parks. Objective of this project was to optimise the route network infrastructure to increase efficiency and save costs.

Technical frameworks: PostGIS • pgRouting and QGIS


Routing Proof of Concept

With the Swiss Federal Office of Topography we are working on a proof of concept on how to use proprietary spatial data with open source routing applications.

Technical frameworks: graphhopper using OpenStreetMap & TomTom

Broadband Academy

Broadband Optimisation

Broadband Academy specializes in the telecommunications field to expand and implement broadband infrastructure.
In this project we have designed and implemented an innovative approach to optimise demand connections.

Technical frameworks: PostGIS • pgRouting and QGIS


Logistics Applications

Tesco is a British multinational groceries and general merchandise retailer and the third-largest retailer in the world measured by gross revenues. In this project we are consulting on last mile delivery and freight routing solutions.

Technical frameworks: PostgreSQL • PostGIS and QGIS


Valhalla Customization

WIGeoGIS combines company information with market data and geodata into Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and uses the Valhalla ecosystem for specific applications.

Technical frameworks: Valhalla Routing, Matrix Optimisation & Isochrones


Scalable Matrix Optimisation

AnyVan is a European online marketplace for users to obtain delivery, transport, and removal services from its community of transport partners. In this project we have helped AnyVan implement open source routing software for highly scalable and customer facing requests computing hundreds and thousands of routing matrices per second.


We Provide Services to Convert TomTom and HERE Data to OpenStreetMap




Tim designs scalable server infrastructures and enjoys working on concepts and implementation of optimisation applications with great pleasure.



Nils never lost touch to his inner Geologist: tools have to be practical! But with style. Toughest fighter against inconsistencies in the hood.

GIS • OPS News

Read more +14 December 2020 By Nils Nolde in

Valhalla QGIS Plugin

We published a QGIS Plugin to use the routing engine Valhalla for routing, isochrones and distance/duration matrices.
Read more +10 December 2020 By Nils Nolde in

Open Source Routing Engines with TomTom and HERE data

With our services you can make use of your TomTom and HERE datasets in any open-source routing engine.


GIS Tutorials

Read more +05 May 2021 By Nils Nolde in

QGIS 3 Plugin Tutorial – Geocoding with Nominatim Part 4 (Tests & CI)

Learn how to set up automated tests for your QGIS plugin to avoid frustration of your future self, plugin users and the general community. It's an often overlooked part of plugin development, yet a very crucial one. Read this tutorial to see it's really not that painful. Includes the setup of Github Actions to run your tests on every push/pull request.
Read more +22 March 2021 By gis-ops in

QGIS 3 Plugin Tutorial – Geocoding with Nominatim Part 3 (Best Practices)

Our third tutorial in the QGIS plugin development series focuses on improving code maintenance of QGIS plugins. We will introduce linters, a better code structure and some highly useful tips and tricks for plugin development.
Read more +21 March 2021 By Nils Nolde in

QGIS 3 Plugin Tutorial – Geocoding with Nominatim Part 2 (Interactivity)

Our second tutorial in the QGIS plugin development series focuses on QGIS and user interaction. You will learn how capture a point clicked on the map canvas by the user, a few practical examples of the concept of signals & slots in PyQt, and then some more.
Read more +13 March 2021 By Nils Nolde in

QGIS 3 Plugin Tutorial – Geocoding with Nominatim Part 1 (First Steps)

Follow our tutorial to get a better hang of developing QGIS plugins in QGIS v3.x. The resulting plugin will be capable of querying Nominatim's Reverse Geocoding API from user generated Lat/Long or X/Y in arbitrary coordinate systems and parse the API result into a QGIS Point layer.
Read more +12 March 2021 By Nils Nolde in

QGIS 3 Plugin Tutorial – Plugin development reference guide

This post provides a basic reference guide for plugin development in QGIS v3. It describes the most important concepts around QGIS plugins, which a developer should be aware of, such as mandatory methods expected by QGIS, detailed explanation of the output of Plugin Builder 3 and more.
Read more +21 February 2021 By Nils Nolde in

QGIS 3 Plugin Tutorial – Set up a Plugin Repository Explained

Hosting your own QGIS plugin repository can be very beneficial to serve plugins to a limited user base and provide them the comfort of installing and updating your plugins through QGIS. Learn in this tutorial how easy it is to create your own QGIS plugin repository.

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