Valhalla QGIS Plugin

We published a QGIS Plugin to use the routing engine Valhalla for routing, isochrones and distance/duration matrices.
With our services you can make use of your TomTom and HERE datasets in any open-source routing engine.
Finding the right routing engine for your use cases can be a tedious task. We compiled an overview for the most popular FOSS routing frameworks to help guide the decision.
Hosting your own QGIS plugin repository can be very beneficial to serve plugins to a limited user base and provide them the comfort of installing and updating your plugins through QGIS. Learn in this tutorial how easy it is to create your own QGIS plugin repository.
Learn in this tutorial how to build a simple but powerful and scalable Geo API from scratch with FLASK and FLASK-RESTPlus, that is able to handle and process basic spatial data like a charm.
This tutorial will give an introduction into enabling WordPress with spatial capabilities via a custom Wordpress plugin and expose those functionalities via the built-in REST API.
A short roundup of Qt Designer, which ships with QGIS and is the recommended program to design Graphical User Interfaces for QGIS Plugins. This post is complementary to our plugin tutorials or just a refresher. It also explains resources.qrc files in more detail, a usual pain point.
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In this reference guide, you'll learn more about the intricacies of the signal & slot concept in PyQt. This concept is very important when dealing with GUI development and while it's beautifully solved by Qt, it can be a little confusing in the beginning.
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Our second tutorial in the QGIS plugin development series focuses on QGIS and user interaction. You will learn how capture a point clicked on the map canvas by the user, a few practical examples of the concept of signals & slots in PyQt, and then some more.
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If you want to know how to setup Valhalla on your Ubuntu with elevation support, then go ahead with this tutorial. By the end you will have had to prepare your Valhalla setup with all necessary packages and dependencies to finally be able to use Valhalla with elevation support.