Learn how to build a vector tile server with built-in authorization using FastAPI and PostGIS.


Traffic in Valhalla

Traffic integration is an integral part of modern routing applications. Let us show you how Valhalla supports both historical traffic and live traffic data from any vendor.

Running OSRM with NodeJS Bindings

Open Source Routing Machine features the powerful ability to run it directly with its NodeJS bindings. This tutorial gives you a quick overview of what is possible.

Global Open Valhalla Server online!

A new global and openly accessible instance of Valhalla is now readily available on the German OpenStreetMap servers, thanks to a coordinated effort with FOSSGIS e.V. and Valhalla lead engineer Kevin Kreiser.

Nordex Energy – Case Study

Together with Nordex Energy, one of the world's largest wind turbine manufacturers, we were given the task to automate the planning of roads to connect the wind turbines to each other. In this article we will focus on the problem itself, the approach we decided to take and the challenges we encountered along the way.
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Our third tutorial in the QGIS plugin development series focuses on improving code maintenance of QGIS plugins. We will introduce linters, a better code structure and some highly useful tips and tricks for plugin development.
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pgRouting & PostGIS – Customized Routing

Shortest paths aren't always what you would expect. With this technical tutorial we want to explain how easy it is to tinker with routing algorithms using pgRouting, PostGIS & OpenStreetMap data.