Data Services

All FOSS routing engines work only with OSM out of the box. We offer services to make any data compatible with any FOSS routing engine, e.g. TomTom and HERE.


For any use case, we provide the full  package from software and infrastructure decisions,  to hosting and maintenance or just part of the way. You decide!

FOSS toolbox

We're experienced with a wide range of mobility and location FOSS software, including routing engines, geocoding software and optimization frameworks.

Applications in Routing & Optimization

There's a quadrillion reasons and use cases to deploy your own routing & geolocation infrastructure. We summarized a few below and hope you get a few inspirations.

Routing & Navigation

  • Compliant Routing • Let us help you tailor your route network to meet compliance
  • Turn-by-turn Navigation • Receive turn instructions on the device of your choice
  • Customizable profiles • Car, Truck, all sorts of bike types, pedestrian and scooter

Isochrones & Isodistances

  • Geomarketing • Enrich isochrones with market-relevant datasets to provide answers to distribution problems
  • Transport & Planning • Analyze and optimize reachability for your infrastructure and transport system
  • Emergency and disaster response • Minimize the risk of disasters by stategically employing isochrones

Routing Optimization

  • Save Costs • Optimize routes and schedules to save time, cost and increase efficiency
  • Vehicle Routing Problems • Solve the classical Traveling Salesman Problem within milliseconds
  • Advanced • Integrate business-specific needs such as vehicle/driver availabilities, skills or goals


Customized Routing

As experts in routing, we're offering the combination of any street data source with any with any open-source routing engine. Read more in this article and/or on Github.

  • License TomTom or HERE data with us or bring your own data
  • Receive data in any OSM data format to leverage the full OSM ecosystem
  • Let us consult you on the right combination for your specific use case
  • Add open-source routing optimization or geocoding
  • Host yourself or let us manage your private setup

Data Providers

TomTom Data

Being one of the car navigation pioneers, TomTom delivers high-quality maps and data since 2001. Ask us for a quote!


As Navteq they pioneered car navigation and 30 years later provide the widest coverage of high-quality data in over 200 countries. Ask us for a quote!

Custom Data

Bring your own data and we'll convert it with and for you to bring out the best your street data has to offer.

Our open-source toolbox

Valhalla routing engine

License: MIT

Valhalla is Mapzen's/Mapbox's open-source routing engine operating on tiled routing graphs, making it highly RAM efficient.


  • APIs • Routing • Isochrone • Matrix • Travelling Salesman • Nearest
  • Mobile-ready • The tiled data approach allow for small RAM footprints and together with the C++ API Vahalla can run on mobile phones
  • Public transit • Supports public transit routing via Transitland
  • Built-in Profiles • Car • truck • customizable bicycle • pedestrian • bus • high-occupancy vehicles (US only) • taxi • scooter • transit
  • Highly dynamic • Route all profiles and combinations of settings and options on a single tile set

GraphHopper routing engine

License: Apache-2.0

GraphHopper is a memory-efficient open-source engine by a German company specialized in solving vehicle routing problems.


  • APIs • Routing • Isochrone • Shortest Path Tree
  • Scalability • State of the art routing algorithms allow for millions of computations in seconds
  • Public transit • Supports public transit routing and GTFS
  • Built-In Profiles • Car • pedestrian • bikes
  • Mobile SDK's • GraphHopper offers iOS and Android SDK as open source development kits.
  • Extendable • Easily add more functionality thanks to the puggable architecture of the project

pgRouting routing engine

License: GPLv2

pgRouting is an independently developed open-source project running on top of PostgreSQL and its PostGIS extension.


  • Functions • Routing • Isochrones • Matrix • Travelling Salesman
  • Real-time Flexibility • Leverage the full flexibility of relational SQL tables to change routing results on-the-fly by taking into consideration various costs such as speed and turn restrictions
  • PostGIS Ecosystem • Make use of the vast open source ecosystem around PostGIS to support all spatial data format out of the box
  • Easy to Use • With SQL as an interface pgRouting is easy to learn and straightforward to use.

Nominatim geocoding

License: GPLv2

Nominatim is developed by OpenStreetMap to resolve locations by arbitrary text input, entirely based on OSM data.


  • APIs • Forward Geocoding (Text input ►Address & Location) • Reverse Geocoding (Location ►Address)
  • Open API • You can either use Nominatims open API access which allows a certain amount of requests per day or you have the possibility to set it up yourself.

Pelias geocoding

License: MIT

Pelias is Mapzen's open-source geocoder offering a multitude of data sources in a flexible and modular NodeJS environment.


  • APIs • Forward Geocoding (Text input ►Address & Location) • Reverse Geocoding (Location ►Address) • Autocomplete Geocoding • Structured Geocoding • POIs
  • Customizabilty • Pelias is highly configurable: restrict search results to countries, geometries, data sources or administrative layers
  • Open Data Sources • Pelias works out of the box with a huge arsenal of open data sources: OpenAddresses, Who's on First and Geonames
  • Custom Data • Pelias fully supports custom data imports, e.g. locations on factory premises

Vroom is an open-source routing optimization engine with a focus on a light-weight framework delivering fast solutions.


  • APIs • Vehicle Routing Problems (VRP)
  • Features • VROOM supports advanced optimization configurations: time windows • skills • pickup & deliveries
  • Routing Engines • VROOM is preconfigured to use OSRM or OpenRouteService as routing engines and offers a pluggable interface to add additional providers

jsprit optimization

License: Apache-2.0

jsprit is GraphHopper's solution to solve highly complex vehicle routing problems in an open-source Java toolkit.


  • APIs • Traveling Salesman Problems (TSP), Vehicle Routing Problems (VRP)
  • Use Cases • Capacitated VRP • Multiple Depot VRP • VRP with Time Windows • VRP with Backhauls • VRP with Pickups and Deliveries • VRP with Heterogeneous Fleet • Time-dependent VRP • Traveling Salesman Problem • Dial-a-Ride Problem • Various combination of these types


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