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We'll show you how to obtain the plugin from our QGIS plugin store, launch it and set up the connection details.


Download and install the latest QGIS LTR version (3.16 at the point of writing) from

For Windows users we recommend the OSGeo4W installs.

Install Plugin

In QGIS, open PluginsManage and install plugins, open the Settings panel and in the section Plugin Repositories click on Add.... Fill out the fields appropriately:

add qgis repository

Per client, we curate our own plugin store, which you can also see here: For some measure of security we need you to authenticate with certain credentials:

User: nordex
Password: rocks

In the above dialog you'll add the authentication by clicking on Edit, then on the green Plus and enter the following:

add qgis repository

In the plugin manager's All or Not installed panel you can now search for "access road generator" and install the plugin.

Launch Plugin

Once installed, you can launch the UI of the plugin in two ways:

  • from the main QGIS menu: VectorAccess Road Generator
  • from the toolbar with the Nordex logo

Configure Plugin

The first thing you'll need to do is to configure the connection to the database and the API.

Open the plugin and under Settings, input the following information:

Database.Port: 5433
Database.Auth: create a new Basic Authentication as you did above without the Resource and the credentials

User: nordex
Password: UjMP!Z8tq2c^4K

API.Auth: no need to configure this for now

Now you can click on the green Sync button next to Database.Database and select nordex_test as database and you're all set.