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Routing Solutions
We build compliant turn-by-turn services.
  • Highly flexible FOSS routing services
  • Privacy & Customizability: Host on your own infrastructure
  • Full service: setup, configuration, hosting, maintenance
  • Expert consultation for custom requirements
  • OpenStreetMap or proprietary TomTom or HERE datasets
Web & GIS Applications
Map apps, QGIS plugins and what not.
We build browser-based single page applications with React and Leaflet with an optional content management system using flask, django or WordPress giving you the ability to store user-specific data.

The QGIS ecosystem provides a rich environment with different types and kinds of plugins for various use cases. We can help you build your QGIS plugin to solve tiresome and manual tasks in an automated fashion or provide custom functionality missing in the core application.
Spatial Databases
Let us help you design your scalable PostgreSQL + PostGIS database.
If you are dealing with immense amounts of (spatial-) data and require a well-designed and performant infrastructure for your application, don’t hestitate to get in touch with us. We have been working with arbitrary applications depending on a scalable PostgreSQL and PostGIS Database Management Systems over the past with a strong focus on performant table architecture considering spatial joins and aggregations serving thousands of concurrent users, multi-dimensional spatial indexing for efficient processing of spatial operations and customized Spatial functions for querying of spatial properties and relationships.
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