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Routing Solutions
We consult on the full lifecycle of a SaaS routing solutions.

Open source (free of cost) routing frameworks

Routing, optimization, isochrones, origin-destination matrices

Host on your own infrastructure, no data tracking by 3rd parties

OpenStreetMap or proprietary TomTom or HERE Maps data.

Web & GIS Applications
We build spatial single page apps, plugins or fully integrated web solutions.

React and Leaflet are our frameworks of choice

Flask or django enable very fast development and rich ecosystems for our backends

Web shops combining the powerful combination of WordPress and Woocommerce

The QGIS ecosystem is easily extended with a plugin featuring custom functionality

Spatial Databases & Analytics
Move your way of working with spatial data to the next level.

Efficient design of PostgreSQL and PostGIS database systems

Consulting on horizontal or vertical scaling to serve thousands of concurrent users

Advanced spatial analysis techniques to support your decision making process

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