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QGIS Plugin - Access Road Generator

This is the tutorial on how to set up and use the QGIS Plugin developed by GIS • OPS.

  1. Setup
  2. Usage

General idea

This tool should help in determining a probable least-cost path network for construction roads in a wind park.

We employ a modified Steiner Tree algorithm to find the optimal paths between the turbines positions, where the cost of the edges will be determined by:

cost(edge) = length(edge) * elevation_penalty(edge) * restriction_penalty(edge)

The elevation model of the area is mandatory input, while restrictions are optional and could be describing natural reserves, rivers or the like.

The output of the program is the least-cost paths connecting all turbines with the input access point(s).


The QGIS Plugin is licensed with GPL, as mandated by the QGIS ecosystem.


Please contact or in case of support or enquiries.